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Prof. (Dr.) Vipul Vyas is a Director, at Mann – The Mind, his training and consultancy firm.

He offers Management Development Programme & HR Facilitation, Faculty Development Programme and Courses for Parenting and for Teenagers pan India.

Started with the intention of facilitating learning and development in the area of Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management, Mann – The Mind is the brainchild of Dr. Vyas. His intensely practical and experiential courses focus on transfer of learning to the workplace and to the personal life. Self Improvement Plan (SIP) offered at the end of the workshop is major take away for the participants. SIP is comprehensive action plan for 45 days, with specific activities / assignments to be performed on-the-job or at the home, aimed at expanding emotional intelligence.

Dr. Vipul Vyas, started his career as a professor of management since 1998 after a brief stint in the corporate field. Since then he has served in various capacities as a Head of the Department, Associate Dean, Associate Director and Principal-in-charge of various reputed institutes and thoroughly enjoyed teaching various management subjects at graduate and post-graduate level. Though he was known as strict disciplined professor, he successfully won hearts of his students.

Workshops delivered


He has delivered training to more than 4000 CXOs, professionals, business persons, HR trainers from PSU, semi government, private sector and to IPS Officers at various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Jabalpur, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Pune, Raipur, Vadodara, Thiruvananthpuram, Jaipur, Indore, Surat, Thane, Bharuch, etc.

Dr. Vyas is also associated with 9 Universities from 6 states to train about 2000 Senior and Young Professors on – “How to apply theories of Emotional Intelligence in the classroom and college campus?”


Mann – The Mind approach aims at helping in developing and applying Spirituality At Workplace with a focus to learn three key aspects of human activities:

  • Employee to Employee-Yogi, Teacher to Mentor, Biological Parent to Skillful Parent
  • Society to Productive and Happy Society
  • Economy to Meaningful and Mindful Economy

Mann – The Mind offers experiential learning and development solutions to:

  • Professionals from various industry and levels: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Action: Development and Application
  • Teachers and Faculties from schools and colleges: The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Teaching

Owing to requests made by many parents during the workshops, Dr. Vyas has designed a highly scientific and comprehensive course on Application of Emotional Intelligence in Parenting.

  • Parents: Emotionally Intelligent Parenting in the 21st Century : Honouring emotions – the most sacred aspect of your child

As an academician, Dr. Vyas had the great opportunity to deal with and mould the young generation at graduate and post graduate level for more than a decade, and this made him a sought after name for Teenagers Training Workshops.

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence for Teenagers: A blueprint for developing a well rounded personality through understanding how your emotions work, how to manage your emotions and utilise whole brain thinking. Become a person destined for success and happiness in personal & professional life.