The famous quote says, “Emotions Drive People; People Drive Performance”. 100% true.

Why EQ matters more than IQ, is an extensively studied subject world over with common finding, “Financial Performance is directly linked with the Emotional Well-being of the employee”. Hence, like Financial Audit of the organisation, Emotional Well-Being Audit of the organisation is equally important for the successful completion of the targets. Such analysis of the personality and emotional health of an employee, also hugely contribute the self development and happiness quotient of him / her. Many EQ Tests are available online, which can give you some idea or a range of your EQ, but most of them are not developed and tested by the professionals.

Pro Mann EQ Score is a very comprehensive analysis of the personality of the respondent developed after years of research and validated with the help of statisticians to give your pre and post training EQ score. Pre-training EQ score is measured by psychometric test, before the comprehensive two days (16 hours) course attended by the learner. After the course is attended, post-training EQ score is measured after one and a half month, to check the changes in the personality by second but identical set of psychometric test. Please read EWB Model Introduction for more information.

© “Emotional Well Being and Tips to Developed Emotional Intelligence” Model by Dr. Vipul Vyas

Pro Mann EQ Score quantifies following aspects of the personality.

Emotional Awareness Self-Expression Self Confidence
Emotion Regulation Impulse Control Stress Management Interpretation Check
Social Awareness
Good Listening Empathy Inter-personal Relationship
Relationship Management
Decision Making Assertive Communication Adaptability Problem Solving Inspiring Leadership
Emotional Well-Being
Self-Motivation Optimism Self Esteem Happiness

The pre-training report generated shows, the strengths and areas of improvement. Facilitator focuses on these aspects during the training. Post-training Self Improvement Plan is offered to practice, extremely practical and effective day-to-day strategies, to work on development of overall Emotional Intelligence.

This is service offered on one-to-one bases, with personal coaching and mentoring.

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