Why Mann – The Mind approach is important for organizations ?

  • It improves efficiency and productivity and is self-sustainable model
  • It reduces training and development cost
  • There will be a future trend where employees will seek those organizations for jobs, which can help them become better human beings and live meaningful life

Mann – The Mind is the organization committed from inception to this approach, has had clear understanding and unique purpose: To Spiritualise Organisation by Karam-Yoga Based Mindset Training into every course, without using terminologies explicitely.

Facilitation Process

Pre-training reading material and formats to fill-in will be emailed to all the participants to develop foundation of the course.

The course will entail following are some examples of hands-on-techniques used during the workshop:

  • Intra-psychic activities for self-awareness (Meditation, Introspection, etc.)
  • Experiential exercises for empathy (Videos, Role Plays, etc.)
  • Inter-personal activities (Active listening, Multi-rater feedback, Games, etc.)

Skill development is ensured though following interventions:

  • In-class practice during sessions
  • On-the-job assignments between sessions.
  • Personal guidance and coaching after assessment and assignments.

Post training support includes email / telephonic support to help transfer of learning to the workplace and a half day seminar after a month.