Expanding Emotional Intelligence Challenges Resolved

  • For Teachers, Trustees and Management One / Two Days Workshop...Read More
  • For Senior Non-Teaching Staff One Day Workshop
  • Two Hours Seminar On Application Of Emotional Intelligence For Special Needs –
  • Class Room Management
  • Student’s Counselling and Mentoring
  • Communication: Verbal and Non-verbal
  • Class Room Presentations and Delivery of Sessions
  • Co and Extra–Curricular Activities
  • Expectations of Management and Society from Teachers
  • Converting Assignments / Projects in to Learning Opportunity
  • How To Transform Students To Enlightened Citizens
  • How to earn respect and love while remaining strict about discipline

The Power of Emotional Intelligence In Action: Development and Application

The Workshop Will Enable Participants
To Improve

  • Self Awareness and Self Management – Discover inner resources for effectively handling of stressful situations at personal and professional front by choosing and applying emotions.
  • Inter-personal Relationship – Harmony and cooperation for better productivity and joy at workplace and at family front by exploring better understanding of human psychology
  • Team Building – How to leverage your individual skills on your team and help them find their own voice
  • Empathy – Correctly perceiving others and dealing with all stake holders in better ways to reduce conflicts and to secure success
  • Self Motivation – Re-setting perspective and focus for job and life
  • Spiritual Awareness – Experiencing intense self-inquiry and sensitization towards higher purpose of life.

Upon Completion Of This Course
Participants Will Be Able To

  • Reset perspective and priorities of life, job and career by working with Spiritual Intelligence
  • Understand basics of functioning of mind and ego
  • Reduce negative emotions and convert them to positive
  • Build awareness of emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Achieve greater personal and professional effectiveness through self-management tools and techniques
  • Harness social and emotional potential of your students to improve performance
  • Balancing personal and professional life to enjoy worry-free life and uninterrupted joy
  • Apply emotional competence to transform personal and professional potential for success without compromising on health, peace and happiness

11 Distinctions Of
Mann – The Mind

  • Research based content
  • Knowhow derived from Indian scriptures
  • Experiential learning with high engagement
  • Tools for transfer of learning to the workplace
  • Post training support for step-by-step learning
  • Pre-training preparation
  • Measurable benefits
  • One-to-one personal coaching
  • Empowering through self-inquiry
  • Auto-sustainable self-development model
  • Loaded Feedback to the learners


  Our signature workshop for ‘attitude changing’ result among Teachers / Professors is designed for two days (16 hours).

  However, option is also available for crash course / FDP of one day (8 hours).

I admire Prof. Vyas sir’s simplest approach…
down to earth attitude…excellent content….and high relevance.

Prof. Abhay Raja

Dr. Vyas’s training experience is impressive and the way he was explanation simply amazing. We were all spell bound by his training and examples of issues we nearly face everyday in our life!!! Thanks Sir.

Prof. Surbhi Mishra

Dr. Vipul Vyas was actually very good and dynamic personality who had a very positive perspective towards life and also inspired us for the same. Many changes I have implemented in my life after attending his seminar.

Prof. Riddhi Wala

Excellent presentation, innovative session, highly motivated to our daily life, heartly involved to the audiences, maintain interest of the staff for whole day.

Prof. Ketan Sheth

The way of presentation by Prof. Vyas was excellent, the knowledge and depth of subject are great, the command over mass is really appreciable, he was so punctual about time.

Prof. Kuldeep Mehta

The FDP on Emotional Intelligence by Prof. (Dr.). Vyas was full of knowledge & sparks. I wish to listen Dr. Vyas again and again. Thanks Dr. Vyas for this excellent help to find ourself that what should we do and how to do.

Prof. Amit Sehgal

Firstly thank you so much to Dr. Vyas for such an excellent workshop. …From that day onwards I am practicing those things and I have observed improvement.

Prof. Dhara Mehta

The FDP was excellent;
if person follows his points definitely he/she will overcome from stress & depression.

Prof. Waseem Shaikh