Emotionally Intelligent Parenting Challenges Resolved

  • For Parents One / Two Days Workshop…Read More
  • For Single Parent One / Two Days Workshop
  • Half Day Workshop On Application Of Emotional Intelligence For Special Needs –
  • Parenting Styles and Outcomes
  • How to increase interest in studying?
  • How to listen so that kid can talk, and How to talk so that kid can listen?
  • How to change bad habits of kids? like – lying, screaming, stealing at home, wrong friendships, over watching TV / Video Games, spending lot of money, late night comers
  • How to help kids to overcome exam stress?
  • Five matters should be ignored with teenagers, and five must not.
  • How to handle disrespects from your children
  • 6 ways to get your child to bed on time (For young parents)

The Power of Emotional Intelligence In Parenting: Development and Application

The Workshop Will Enable Participants
To Improve

  • Self Awareness and Self Management – Discover inner resources for effectively handling of stressful situations at home by choosing and applying emotions.
  • Inter-personal Relationship – Harmony, cooperation and joy in the family by exploring better understanding of human psychology
  • Team Building – How to leverage your individual skills on your children and help them find their own voice
  • Empathy – Correctly perceiving and dealing with all family members in better ways to reduce conflicts and to secure happiness
  • Self Motivation – Re-setting perspective and focus for family and life
  • Spiritual Awareness – Experiencing intense self-inquiry and sensitization towards higher purpose of life.

Upon Completion Of This Course
Participants Will Be Able To

  • Reset perspective and priorities of life, job and career by working with Spiritual Intelligence
  • Understand basics of functioning of mind and ego
  • Reduce negative emotions and convert them to positive
  • Build awareness of emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Achieve greater personal effectiveness through self-management tools and techniques
  • Harness social and emotional potential of your children to improve performance
  • Balancing personal and professional life to enjoy worry-free life and uninterrupted joy
  • Apply emotional competence to transform personal and professional potential for success without compromising on health, peace and happiness

11 Distinctions Of
Mann – The Mind

  • Research based content
  • Knowhow derived from Indian scriptures
  • Experiential learning with high engagement
  • Tools for transfer of learning to the home
  • Post training support for step-by-step learning
  • Pre-training preparation
  • Measurable benefits
  • One-to-one personal coaching
  • Empowering through self-inquiry
  • Auto-sustainable self-development model
  • Loaded Feedback to the learners


  Our signature workshop for ‘attitude changing’ result is designed for two days (16 hours).

  However, option is also available for crash course MDP of one day (8 hours).